Technologies: Unity3D, C#
Platform: PC, Android, IOS

This project was prepared in my spare time. All the art was created by me and also the code.

Puzzle Game is a 2D game which is about placing scattered pieces of an image in the appropriate order. The rules of the game are simple, the player must move each individual puzzle pieces in free space in order to arrange a complete picture. During the game you can swap positions of two different puzzle, but you can do it only once. Completed image is marked by a green tick in “choose image” menu. After completing the level the player can move to the next one with random pictures or choose different picture by himself. The player can reset game progress in main settings at any time.

Game control are carried out using a mouse or touch on mobile devices. This game is available in two versions for PC or Android.

You can download Android version from Google Play Store.

Link below