Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, MVC 4, Java Script, Bootstrap 3, HTML5

This project was used by me to display all my work for long time. This webpage was written in C#, ASP.NET on server side and JavaScript, HTML5 and JQuery on client side. This project use code first migration technique for the database creation and is built on the MVC 4 architecture.

The main goal for this project was display and manage all my project while I am working on them. The application is able to display pictures in a simple format or carousel slider or play videos (HTML5 video player). I also attached Unity Player plugin (User can play online in one of my project created in Unity 3D).

The application has two types of access.

Administrator – where you can edit, delete or add new projects.

User – where we can watch, play, download any projects.

To enrich the user interface I created two kinds of buttons,  social media icons and a site logo visible in the upper left corner.

All project data such as

– Description

– Video url

– Pictures url

– Download url

– Account name, password, access type

are stored in a Ms SQL database.

At the beginning this site was port on the Windows Azure, but after I changed my hosting company and I relocated it.