Technologies: C++, OpenGL

This is one of the project developed in the second year of my University. This is  a simple 2D user interface application. The idea of this project was to create a simple user interface environment where different application or games can be attached and run directly from it. This GUI Framework handles window creation and standard window behaviour such as re-size, closing or moving and is also able to run many windows at the same time.

I included a 3D model viewer inside with a 3D teapot model loaded. The loaded model is displayed inside the window which can be move, re-size or close . In order to load this model I have created obj file loader which can load any obj model User and can also change the main background to one which is given by default (you can see it on the right hand side of the window). I also implemented a task bar with two options:

Author – this option calls the window with the author information displayed.

Exit  – which closes the application.

We also has ability to call Windows components such as notepad or calculator.

I also created a math class which handles all maths operations in order to build translation, rotation and scaling matrix.

This is my first project written in OpenGL and I think that the quality of it is pretty good. I plan to continue develop this project in the future.