Added Engine Editor

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I have decided to add Engine Editor. Something similar to the one you can find in Unity 3D. Currently my editor has three parts.

1. Tool Window – this window display list of the scene elements.From here new game object can be added to the scene. By selecting specific object we can display all game components it has.
2. Inspector Window – in this window we can see and manipulate all of the components that specific entity has. We will be able to add more or remove component.
3. Project Structure Window – This window displays all of the resources currently available like scenes graphics, models and sounds. From this window we will be able to open new scene, drag and drop graphisc on the Sprite Rendering component and apply it.

I have been searching for the right GUI library which will not impact on the engine performance. After few weeks of searching I have decided to go low level with WIN32 API. You can see the beginning layout of the Engine Editor above. Program everything in the WIN32  API is not difficult, but is tedious and taking longer than usually to add simple GUI element and position it correctly. I am still searching for good free GUI library for C++ and OpenGL. Until I will find something suitable. I will stick with the Windows controls. If you have any suggestions you can post it in the comments below.

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